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  • 13 godzin temu


    i clicked on the link to meet the team. i,d like to meet the team.

  • 13 godzin temu


    has anyone received a reply?

  • 13 godzin temu


    i see comments here but no replies. where is the correct place to ask a question or to make a complaint?

  • 2 dni temu


    Thank you guys and girls for all the time and work you do.  As a old retired man, chess.com has given a lot of us a place to be with something to do.  I love your website and I would not change it for anything.  Keep up the good work that you all do.

    Jack (bebopaloula)

  • 2 dni temu


    When selecting a COUNTRY we have the option of WALES, ENGLAND and SCOTLAND in addition to THE UNITED KINGDOM. However, neither England, Wales nor Scotland are countries. 

    Why is this?

  • 3 dni temu


    Because we are Algerians and because the state of Algeria don't recognise israel, stop choose zionists profiles for me.

  • 4 dni temu


    In my last game on 10 minutes someone else has played the last move for me. Who played this move? I did not play. Tell me! How is that possible? I immediately stopped playing and went.

  • 4 dni temu


    Web address www.chess.com
    Slogan Play Chess Online
    Type of site
    Internet chess server, Social media website
    Registration Yes
    Launched June 2007
    Alexa rank
    Decrease 1,854 (January 2015[update])[1]
    Current status Active
  • 6 dni temu


    Ich habe zum wiederholten Male eine Partie verloren, weil die Mitteilung kam: "Chess.com reagiert nicht"  Habe dann die Partie verloren, weil ich angebl. das Spiel verlassen habe.Es gibt "Gott sei Dank" andere und bessere Plattformen. Habe hier eigentlich immer ganz gerne gespielt, aber so........

  • 6 dni temu



  • 8 dni temu


    yaa i m ready play with  u

  • 8 dni temu


    I am no sure if i was suppost to play this tournament u1500,could you check that for me,

  • 2 tygodni temu


    Hear Hear Chessnutty, 4 months back nice piece of Positism that was ...

  • 2 tygodni temu


    Es ist unglaublich wieviele Spieler hier andere Spieler beleidigen.Traurig.

  • 3 tygodni temu


    good work

  • 3 tygodni temu



  • 3 tygodni temu


    You conect or reconect, stil falot roofs and régulations. Conect or reconect.

  • 3 tygodni temu


    it is the best place to play online chess

  • 3 tygodni temu


    How do you play a 960 game?
  • 3 tygodni temu


    What m'y cmments would be? It game havé born before and plaers were many, I think I would try harder and play. Good luck.

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