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Rematch in bullet!how hard can it be?

  • 43 godzin temu · Cytuj · #121


    I like rematches in bullet chess. Why is that bad?

  • 43 godzin temu · Cytuj · #122


    Nothing bad about liking rematches so long as you respect when your opponent doesn't as oppose to the morons who then go to the person's notes page and post some rubbish about them running or, my favourite, "Only plays white".  Whenever I see that I can't resist checking the person in question's stats and every single time, as expected, it is total rubbish and they have 50/50 White/Black games.

  • 43 godzin temu · Cytuj · #123


    Hatin' Undecided  ain't easy Lol.

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