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  • THE CHESS PLAYERS TEAM International 
  • Założona: 30 lip 2009
  • All players from Europe are welcome to join this group. This team participates in CONTINENTAL CUP!!! To learn MORE about this CUP join THE CHESS PLAYERS TEAM!!!

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  • holla

    caravela 8 tygodni temu

  • hi

    valenciasoyyo 12 miesięcy temu

  • 1 260º

    caravela 15 miesięcy temu

  • thank you steve...

    caravela 22 miesięcy temu

  • Our match against " Mirkobabic" Needs players badly. They are locked in ready to go! Anybody can join in,we need your support peeps....go on! You might aswell,it will be as your normal cache of games list, just this will be for the team of European players...Please help!!

    Stevie65 22 miesięcy temu

  • We have got new team matchs to play please join..

    caravela 23 miesięcy temu

  • HI, the continental cup is over. the diferent continentes playing against each other

    caravela 2 lat temu

  • Hi,what is the continental cup?

    -curt-fines- 2 lat temu

  • We need admins..

    caravela 3 lat temu

  • welcome Paco gracias.

    caravela 3 lat temu

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