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Carlsen Defeats Polgar In UNAM Final

  • SonofPearl
  • on 26.11.2012, 10:57.

Magnus Carlsen UNAM 2012.jpgThe 2nd Gran Fiesta UNAM Chess festival took place from 16-25 November in Mexico City. The festival comprised of a number of competitions and displays including a 9-round Open event and a women's competition, but the highlight was the involvement of world #1 Magnus Carlsen.

Carlsen played against the 'The World" in an online match, and also took part in a rapid and blindfold tournament.

Unsuprisingly the world #1 won his game against The World (see below), and he also defeated Judit Polgar in the final of the rapid and blindfold tournament.

Carlsen and Polgar had eliminated Lazaro Bruzon and Manuel Leon Hoyos in the qualifying rounds en-route to the final, but the world #1 didn't have things all his own way.

Judit Polgar won the first game, beating Magnus Carlsen with black in their rapid clash, but Carlsen hit back to win the second encounter which was played blindfolded.

That meant blitz tie-breaks games were needed, and Carlsen won both games convincingly to take victory overall.

Judit Polgar and Manuel Leon Hoyos playing blindfolded (literally!)

Judit Polgar Lean Hoyos UNAM 2012 blindfold.jpg





Magnus Carlsen defeated an online "World" team of all-comers

Magnus Calrsen UNAM 2012 v The World.jpg



Bartlomiej Macieja won the 9-round Open with 8½/9 and Olga Alexandrova won the women's competition.

Photos from the official website.  Games via the ever-reliable TWIC.

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  • 17 miesięcy temu


    Coool .

  • 17 miesięcy temu


    @ driv4r I looked for a photo of Carlsen and Polgar playing, but couldn't find one at the official website.  The festival sounded entertaining, but unfortunately the online coverage was woeful.

  • 17 miesięcy temu


    Carsen's win against 'The World' is not that impressive. Notice that 'The World' is unrated. This 'World' guy must be some amateur who wandered into the playing hall....... Wink

  • 17 miesięcy temu


    Congratz and well done Magnus Carlsen! Smile

    However, wouldn't it have been more interesting to see a photo of Carlsen vs Polgar blindfolded match instead of Polgar against Manuel Leon Hoyos (which is still interesting but Hoyos is unknown to me personally) ? Or why not both?

    (EDIT: Oh, and as a sidenote, the girl in the background seems to be good-looking Wink)

  • 17 miesięcy temu


    I have always admired Judit Polgar - she is a classy lady.

  • 17 miesięcy temu


    Carlsen is better than Kasparov.

  • 17 miesięcy temu


    Look, pianoman4  31. c4,  was not a miss. \Carlsen vs. World game\ Carlsen allready had a decisive advantige there, blacks Queen was way out of position and so he was toying around sins the black Bishop was a sitting duck anyway.   I DO NOT THINK THAT HE WOULD  MISS A  MOVE THAT SIMPLE .   '' YOU CAN NOT BE SERIOUS''   .

  • 17 miesięcy temu


    Haha, nice one! Kasparov still the best! ;)

  • 17 miesięcy temu


    How did the match with 'The World' work? Was it online voting between options picked by GMs? If so, who were the GMs?

  • 17 miesięcy temu


    very nice games.

  • 17 miesięcy temu


    davidmelbourne:  Indeed, 28...Qh4 is an incredible find given the time constraints of a rapid game.  Even for a classical game I doubt that many GMs would see it coming.  Perhaps, with knowledge of what was to come (Magnus clearly missed it until the knight "sac" came on d5), 29.Re2 would give up the exchange, but keep a reasonable position that white may be able to hold in the end...

  • 17 miesięcy temu


    Sheesh, Polger is good.

    In the first game, after Magnus' 28 f3, which looks innocous though - given Polger's response - deserves ??, she unleashes a combination that, by force, wins a piece, and so the game. Magnus would probably have resigned after 28 ...Qh4!, in a regular time match. 

    Fabulous stuff.  

  • 17 miesięcy temu


    The best

  • 17 miesięcy temu


    do we have a youtube video on this?

    Please join the Candidates Matches Magnus and win the world title! Anand is just waiting.

  • 17 miesięcy temu


    Extraordinary games!

  • 17 miesięcy temu


    Very cool.

  • 17 miesięcy temu


    Carlsen is awesome

  • 17 miesięcy temu


    Interesting game against the world, however I am surprised Carlsen missed 31. c4 with an easy win. The move he played holds on to white's edge, but is by no means decisive.

  • 17 miesięcy temu

    NM Petrosianic

    it's staggering that magnus can play so many positions at such a high level.

  • 17 miesięcy temu


    Shows how good Judit is: to win even a single game against Magnus.

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