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Zurich Chess Challenge Round 2

  • SonofPearl
  • on 24.02.2013, 12:33.

Zurich Chess Challenge logo 2013.jpgVladimir Kramnik enjoyed the white pieces for the second day in a row at the Zurich Chess Challenge, this time taking on the world champion Vishy Anand.

With one eye on the crucial Candidates tournament in London starting in less than 3 weeks time, Kramnik once again sidestepped well-trodden paths to avoid showing his rivals any of his opening preparation.

After an early Queen exchange, the battle centred around Kramnik's isolated advanced c-pawn, until further exchanges left Anand defending against an outside passed pawn in a rook ending.  The champion had no problems, and the draw was agreed just after the first time control.

Zurich Chess Challenge 2013 Round 2 Vladimir Kramnik Vishy Anand edited.jpg



The encounter between Boris Gelfand and tournament young-gun Fabiano Caruana proved to be much more entertaining! Gelfand responded to Caruana's choice of the Gruenfeld with aggressive intent, pushing his h-pawn to crack open the h-file in preparation for a direct attack! 

Gelfand then sacrificed a pawn to close down the diagonal of Caruana's fearsome fianchettoed bishop, in preparation for the kingside assault. But the young Italian-American was wise to the danger, immediately returning the pawn to seize back the initiative for himself.

By the time Caruana's fianchettoed bishop emerged from its incarceration the game had reached move 40 and the players shook hands on a draw.

Zurich Chess Challenge 2013 Round 2 Boris Gelfand Fabiano Caruana edited.jpg



So the deadlock has still to be broken after two completed rounds in Zurich. In round three Vishy Anand will have his first opportunity with the white pieces, against Boris Gelfand, while Vladimir Kramnik will play his first game with black, against Fabiano Caruana.  The pairings in full are:

Zurich Chess Challenge 2013 pairings.jpg


The time control is 2 hours for 40 moves, then 1 hour for the next 20 moves, and 15 minutes plus a 30-second increment for the remainder of the game. If a game is drawn before move 40, the players will play an additional rapid exhibition game (not counting towards the scores).

Playing Schedule (times = GMT+1)

Sat Feb-23 15:00 Round 1
Sun Feb-24 15:00 Round 2
Mon Feb-25 15:00 Round 3
Tue Feb-26 Rest Day
Wed Feb-27 15:00 Round 4
Thu Feb-28 15:00 Round 5
Fri Mar-01 13:00 Round 6


The tournament is being staged by the Zurich Chess Club and the main sponsor is Oleg Skvortsov of International Gemological Laboratories.  The venue is the Savoy Hotel, Paradeplatz.


Photos from the official website. Games via TWIC.

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  • 3 lat temu


    @ thought_control

    The Russian conspiracy...

  • 3 lat temu


    @ drumdaddy - thanks. Good point about the photos! The photos from many of the major chess tournament websites don't really need any 'tweaking' but these could have done with some fixing! There are a few free tools I have, so I'll use those. Smile

    EDIT: I've edited the photos now, so they should look a bit better! 

  • 3 lat temu



  • 3 lat temu


    Son, if you ever need a photo assist just ask.

  • 3 lat temu


    These aren't "grandmaster draws" by any stretch of imagination, it is hard to complain about the quality of chess being played.

    Kramnik and Gelfand are operating at a slight disadvantage because they don't want to tip any preparation they've done for the Candidates.  Anand and Caruana aren't in that, so if they have any unused novelties from London, Tata, or Baden-Baden, they have no reason to hold them back.

  • 3 lat temu


    Here is a little dish of conspiracy:  They are all saving their energy and all collaborating against GM Carlsen for the on coming Candidates tournament. Any of that sound familiar? 

  • 3 lat temu


    Drawnand, Drawnik, Drawuana and Drawfand.

  • 3 lat temu


    You mean that Carlsen is going to be assassinated because he is interested in dissolving the republic and becoming emperor of Rome? But when Brutus/Kramnik kills him, is he going to give any forethought to what kind of regime will be in place after the death of Carlsen?

  • 3 lat temu


    Beware the IDES OF MARCH!!! There will be blood.

    I just had a wonderful thought. I'm sure that most of you are literate enough to know of Shakespear's Julius Caesar. In it everyone thinks that Caesar will become emperor, but just before he gets the crown he is assassinated. 

    It sounds a lot like Carlsen's situation. He's got the entire populace on his side. Everyone expects him to win...I wonder if he'll have the same fate.

  • 3 lat temu


    This is just a warm up tourny for the Candidates. 

  • 3 lat temu


    Where's Carlsen?

  • 3 lat temu


    March 14th!  March 14th!  Two and a half weeks!  Until March 14th!  

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