algebraic notation

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  • A. D. Petroff

         Ivan Alexandrovich Butrimov, who was born in St. Petersburg March 7, 1782, produced Russia's first chess book, "Chess Play,"  in 1821.                                                    ... | Czytaj więcej

  • Problems of the Black Death

           The Black Death was a cataclysmic event that helped introduce a new age, the Renaissance.  While Joseph Blackburne wasn't particularly cataclysmic, his life, indeed his chess-life, overlaid the entire era that defined the beginn... | Czytaj więcej

  • The Ghost of Descriptive Notation

    Glen asked: I have an old chess book titled Chess Traps, Pitfalls & Swindles by I.A. Horowitz and Fred Reinfeld published in 1954. In the first pages of the book they use notations like N-N3 and B-N5 etc. There is no explanation in the book ... | Czytaj więcej

  • The Open File - Notes on Notation

    The Open Fileby Life Master Mike Petersen (Zug)Notes on Notation Everyone today uses Algebraic notation to write down the moves.  When I started playing tournament chess in 1970, the only method available in the US was English Descriptive notati... | Czytaj więcej

  • Chess notations

    There are so many ways to record a game of chess that I decided to create a short summary of these. There are three main systems: algebraic, descriptive and numeric. Other systems are different kind of variations of these. I am using the Sicilia... | Czytaj więcej

    • The Bishop and The Grandmaster

      By: Adisa Banjoko and Grandmaster Maurice Ashley  I don’t play either side or the king, I play God/ Heavenly wars played out on hand carved boards –Rakaa Iriscience, 64 Squares in the Cipher    Thinking Like A King  About seven years ... | Czytaj więcej

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    • Study of Chess Fundamentals by J.R. Capablanca - Part I

      The following blog post is a "notebook" for my study of the book "Chess Fundamentals" by J.R. Capablanca published in 1962.I bought my copy from a local used book store, and it even included a self-addressed post card of sorts to be sent to "Messr... | Czytaj więcej

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    • 'Checkmate!' (a short story)

      The old man was deaf, had white beard and a brazen face. His sinewy hands were blistered from shoveling coal and like many other, manacled ones of the Camp, he walked with a crouch from days’ work of pushing overloaded wheelbarrow. Soon it stru... | Czytaj więcej

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    • 3 Ways to Teach Chess

      How to Teach Chess   The game of chess is often perceived as complicated and involved. This perception can lead to potential players feeling that they don't have the necessary ability to learn the game. Yet, the reality is that chess can be taug... | Czytaj więcej

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    • How to Calculate Chess Tactics

      Are you able to think three moves ahead in chess? It's harder than it sounds, but you can learn to do it. Once you learn this visualization exercise, you will realize you can calculate much further ahead than you ever thought you could, and you wo... | Czytaj więcej

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  • Numerical notation

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    Numerical notation is quite simple actually- the files AND ranks are numbered- like 5254 is e4------- 7163 is Nf3- what is this opening- 5254 5755 7163 2836 6125 1716? Czytaj więcej »

  • Algebraic notation

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    This article is about Algebric notation.First we will talk about what the pieces mean: K=king Q=queen R=rook B=bishop N=knight when pawns move,only the destination square is described. Here is an example of an opening with algebric notation... Czytaj więcej »

  • Descriptive Notation

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    Descriptive notation is a notation for recording chess games, and at one time was the most popular notation in English- and Spanish-speaking countries (Brace 1977:79–80) (Sunnucks 1970:325). It was used in Europe until it was superseded by... Czytaj więcej »

  • Crazyhouse Chess

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    Crazyhouse chess is a chess variant similar to Bughouse chess but played with 2 players and no teams. Each player has a "pocked" or "reserve" for pieces. Every time a piece is captured the capturing player gets a piece of the same type and of thei... Czytaj więcej »

  • Stamma, Philip

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    Philip Stamma (1705-1770?) was a chess player and author from Aleppo (Haleb), Syria.  He was an interpreter of Oriental languages to the British government.  In 1737 he published Essai sur le Jeu d-Echecs.   The book was a coll... Czytaj więcej »