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Skąd: Russia
Dołączył(a): 25.07.2015
Ostatnio zalogowany: 30.07.2015
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Lokalizacja: HorseHeads, United States
Dołączył(a): 22.07.2015
Ostatnio zalogowany: 22.07.2015
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Skąd: Russia
Dołączył(a): 13.07.2015
Ostatnio zalogowany: 15.07.2015
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Lokalizacja: Constanta, Romania
Dołączył(a): 24.03.2015
Ostatnio zalogowany: 01.08.2015
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Skąd: Sweden
Dołączył(a): 28.01.2015
Ostatnio zalogowany: 28.01.2015
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  • My Favorite Classic Games, Part 10

    This series is all about the classic games that, as a young teen (15 years of age), affected me in a profound manner. In general, they were positional games since, for a kid that grew up on attacking chess and combinations (12 to 14 year... | Czytaj więcej

  • Test Your Chess Understanding, Part 1

    Usually an article discusses a particular player, or tactics, or some positional concept. When I teach tactical motifs, you know that all the puzzles are going to be about tactics. If I am discussing a particular idea concerning a pawn structure, ... | Czytaj więcej

  • Double Dutch at Death Match 22

    You might think that two boys from the Netherlands, born on exactly the same day and both reaching the upper echelons of chess, would have met even earlier. It took them about a decade, and by the time they did, they weren't equals. "I think we ... | Czytaj więcej

  • Hannibal Lecter Presents: Readers' Questions

    Due to the crash of my website email address (which has finally been fixed), I didn’t look at my business letters for a month and a half. There were about 60 waiting for me. One was from a guy that wanted me to give him a study program that feat... | Czytaj więcej

  • GM Kraai Releases "Lisa: A Chess Novel"

    Fellow chessplayers, Chess has been a private part of my life. What I mean is that my non-chessplaying friends could never really appreciate what I was doing. So I hid it away. My chess novel, "Lisa," is my attempt to tell them, through a story.... | Czytaj więcej

    • end of days

      This past week’s decision by the Supreme Court has triggered deep division in our nation. Some were jubilant in celebration at new rights granted to friends and family while others openly lamented the Court’s ruling and departure from the trad... | Czytaj więcej

    • BB #134 Anxious Rhinos - Play IM Daniel Rensch and Watch Chess Bullet Brawl Today - ChessTV

      What exactly does a rhino get anxious about? Thanks for Bullet Brawl #134, Monsieur Rensch! Here's the link to today's show, soon to appear on's youtube channel.     "And I love ... | Czytaj więcej

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    • National Hamburger Day

      Thursday, 28 May 2015, is "National Hamburger Day" in the United States. In the culinary world, the humble hamburger sandwich is a relatively new creation.  It had its predecessors, certainly, in steak tartare (invented by the Huns, from minced ... | Czytaj więcej

    • My birthday!

      Can you believe my birthday was yesterday, May 12? I had such a great time. I'm so excited because I got some 300 US dollar headphones, some amazing books, and, best of all, an entire gallon of..... CHEESEBALLS!!!!!! | Czytaj więcej

    • 2015 Arkansas Open

      This past weekend I played in the Arkansas Open in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  The location for the tournament was atop Mt. Sequoyah, basically a large hill located on the east side of town.  The venue for the tournament was changed a few weeks bef... | Czytaj więcej

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