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  • A Chess Engine Is NOT Your Friend!

    Several years ago I was visiting a friend and he was online looking at live games in a team match event. One game was between a grandmaster (who had the Black pieces) and an international master. A zillion people were using a zillion chess engin... | Czytaj więcej

  • Memorializing Alekhine in Style

    It’s been several decades since the last time Paris has been the site of a top-tier chess tournament. The French city of Lyon played host to Kasparov’s title defense match against Karpov in 1990, but other than that, nobody here can se... | Czytaj więcej

  • A rare Continuation in French Opening

    Some time ago I showed a game where I got the initiative in the early middle game: Very nice! you may think, but why mentioning it again? Well,... | Czytaj więcej

  • Chess Olympiad 2012: Spirit of Champions

    In Part II I described a rather tough period for our team: we made three draws. This allowed China to take the lead by one match point. What could we hope for? Win all our matches, while China loses at least a point? This scenario was not very lik... | Czytaj więcej

  • Study Plan: Beyond the Basics!

    Target Skill Range: Total Beginner (Rated 0-1000) Improve your chess and learn how to better use! Activities: Review the Rules Play Your First Live Games Solve Three Tactics Problems - Using "Tactics Trainer" Start a Turn-ba... | Czytaj więcej

    • Chess coverage: Three recent chess tournaments that inspired me

      By Lennart Ootes It was only a couple of years ago when the live transmission of chess tournaments were - lets say -  still in development. Most websites were a mess, live games had some glitches here and there, live video was just staring up an... | Czytaj więcej

      • Politeia
      • | 1 sie 2015
      • | 36 odsłon
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    • Still Making Stupid Mistakes!

      Things have been really busy and stressful at work lately, so I haven't had time or concentration to play lunch hour games in over a month.  But yesterday I decided to play one anyway.  I may not be smart enough to play chess, after all.  Even ... | Czytaj więcej

      • rkd1
      • | 15 lip 2015
      • | 186 odsłon
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    • A Better Way to Remeber Openings

      We are what we repeatedly do. - Aristotle   How often do you study an opening line: say the best responses to all Black's 6th move alternatives in the Tolush-Geller Gambit in the Slav Defense. You spend perhaps hours looking though the databas... | Czytaj więcej

      • jdcannon
      • | 27 cze 2015
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    • September 30, 2014

      In the interest of completeness, I'm going to continue posting my live games from last year.  This one was really stupid.  Sometimes I forget to wear my thinking cap, apparently. | Czytaj więcej

      • rkd1
      • | 21 cze 2015
      • | 169 odsłon
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    • In Conversation with National Chess Expert Macauley Peterson!

      (This interview was initially published in May 2015 on our blog; view it here!) If you’ve ever watched chess on the internet, the odds are Macauley Peterson was behind it. Peterson, a serial entrepreneur and Princeton alumnus, has been at ... | Czytaj więcej

Video Lessons

  • Dake, Arthur

    • Przeczytano 53 razy
    • | Przeczytano 53 razy

    Arthur W. Dake (1910-2000) became a bridge toll collector, then a highway auto controller, and finally an automobile inspector for the state of Oregon after serving in the merchant marines when he was 16.  He learned how to play chess at age 17 ... Czytaj więcej »

  • Acers, Jude Frazer

    • Przeczytano 4 razy
    • | Przeczytano 4 razy

    Jude Acers was born in Long Beach on April 6, 1944.  He is a U.S. senior chess master living in New Orleans who has set several world record simultaneous exhibition records.  He learned to play chess at age 7 and was a master at age 17.  In 1... Czytaj więcej »

  • Najdorf, Miguel

    • Przeczytano 21 razy
    • | Przeczytano 21 razy

    Miguel Najdorf (1910-1997) was a Polish-born player who stayed in Argentina after the outbreak of World War II and became a naturalized citizen of Argentina five years later.  Najdorf escaped the Holocaust, but he lost his wife, child, parents an... Czytaj więcej »

  • Saemisch, Friedrich

    • Przeczytano 21 razy
    • | Przeczytano 21 razy

    Friedrich Saemisch (1896-1975) was born in Berlin, he was awarded the title of International Grandmaster in 1950.  In 1921, he won the first Austrian chess championship.  Loser of more games of chess on time than any other master.  In 1959 at L... Czytaj więcej »

  • Scandinavian Defense

    • Przeczytano 1561 razy
    • | Przeczytano 1561 razy

    The Scandinavian Defense (also known as the Center Counter) is the chess opening characterized by the first moves 1.e4 d5. Although played by quite a few grandmasters over the years, the Scandinavian is rarely played at the highest levels of ... Czytaj więcej »