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    • Is it useful or harmful to play BLITZ?

      Recently I have received a lot of questions about blitz games. Here I will answer them all. –> Is it useful or harmful to play blitz? When you play a blitz game, you have no time to think. Therefore you use the things you ALREADY know. Thu... | Czytaj więcej

      • go13ers
      • | 1 gru 2014
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    • Yes, you can become a chess master, here's how: part 7

      Today I want to discuss instinct in chess, at least how I apply it. This example will endeavor to show how I applied it in a given postion back in 1987. I'll let you in on a little secret. I rarely calculate continuations in positions beyond keepi... | Czytaj więcej

      • aww-rats
      • | 15 lis 2014
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    • Got an answer on my letter to

      Wrote to yesterday on what my views are on their ranking system, got answer today. I'll show my letter and their answer below: I havent played at them much but i wanted to play a tournament but saw only tournament with really high r... | Czytaj więcej

      • AdamOsweden
      • | 14 lis 2014
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    • 2014 Alabama State Championship

      Last weekend was the Alabama State Championship.  Even though I knew I couldn't play in the last two games (reducing my winning chances), I still decided to play in it for the experience  Before the tournament I had decided my calculation neede... | Czytaj więcej

      • SJFG
      • | 29 wrz 2014
      • | 477 odsłon
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    • Isn’t it good to be lost in the wood or The tournament in Barbarka

      Barbarka, formerly a small settlement in the wood, currently incorporated into the city limits of Toruń, takes its name from saint Barbara. The chapel dedicated to the saint, rebuilt many times, still stands in the heart of the settlement, surro... | Czytaj więcej

      • AdamPitula
      • | 4 wrz 2014
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  • tactis

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    see the tactis whit to play Czytaj więcej »

  • Carlsen, Magnus

    • Przeczytano 35 razy
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    Magnus Carlsen, Norwegian child chess prodigy, was born Nov 30, 1990, and gained the Grandmaster title (2004) at the age of 13 years, 4 months and 27 days.   He became the 2nd youngest GM in chess history, behind only  Sergey Karjakin and Pari... Czytaj więcej »

  • Scandinavian Defense

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    The Scandinavian Defense (also known as the Center Counter) is the chess opening characterized by the first moves 1.e4 d5. At first characterized as a beginner's move, it has recently been revived, with several GM's trying it. Although the Scandi... Czytaj więcej »

  • Scandinavian Defense not always a good opening?

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    it is true! i personally usually play nc6 instead of c6,but in some cases i must play c6. by 9OOO7OOO Czytaj więcej »


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    A lot of players choose to play the french defence in order to slow down the action in the center and hope to play a quiet position. Ladies and gents, here's how you can go ALL IN against the french, especially in blitz! Czytaj więcej »