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    • Crusher Vienna

      I seriously think the Vienna Game is very underestimated.The best part about it can be a King's Gambit if wanted to(i don't play king's gambit simply because  there is too much risk or i can't seem to think the lines are good or simply because it... | Czytaj więcej

    • Eisenberg's Gambit

            One of the oddest, yet intriguing variations in the King's Gambit Accepted is one discovered by Louis Eisenberg.              Louis R. Eisenberg      On page 293 of "Emil Kemeny: A Life in Chess,"  John Hilbert quote... | Czytaj więcej

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    • Petrov's Defense in the King's Gambit

           In the King's Gambit (after 1.e4 e5 2.f4) there are many ways to decline the free pawn. Some are:The Classical variation: 2...Bc5Norwalde Variation 2...Qf6Panteldakis Counter Gambit 2...f5Nimzowitsch Counter Gambit  2...d5 3 exd5 c6Adel... | Czytaj więcej

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    • Glenbard South Tournament-Raider's Tournament -vs Benet Academy-Round 1-

       I just wanted to say that I was a complete dumbass and lost my notation sheet. So this is based off my memory. This was game 1 against Benet Academy who is one of the top chess team. I played as white and played my new opening, Vienna Game. I w... | Czytaj więcej

    • My First OTB Tournament

      Hey all, This long weekend I participated in my first OTB tournament, the Ryde Eastwood Open. It was a 7 round Swiss event over 3 days, the first day having 3 games and the others 2 each. The time controls for the event were 60mins + 10sec per mo... | Czytaj więcej

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  • US Champs: Logjam At The Top

    By FM Mike Klein Saint Louis, May 17, 2010. With the top four players battling to draws on the top two boards, a trio of other players used the fourth round of the 2010 U.S Championship to draw even. On board one, GM Hikaru Nakamura and GM Alex ... | Czytaj więcej

  • Latvian Gambit

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    The Latvian gambit would begin 1.e4-e5 2.Nf3-f5 creating a kind of reverse King's Gambit as black. It is generally a less used gambit for its potential difficulties with king's side attacks from white, as well as its conflicts with some... Czytaj więcej »

  • Budapest Gambit

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    The Budapest Gambit (or Budapest Defence) is a chess opening that begins with the moves: 1. d4 Nf62. c4 e5Despite an early debut in 1896, the Budapest Gambit received attention from leading players only after a win as Black by Grandmaster Milan V... Czytaj więcej »

  • King's Gambit

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    h Czytaj więcej »

  • Scandinavian Defense

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    The Scandinavian Defense (also known as the Center Counter) is the chess opening characterized by the first moves 1.e4 d5. At first characterized as a beginner's move, it has recently been revived, with several GM's trying it. Although the Scandi... Czytaj więcej »

  • Italian Game

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    'Italian game' refers to any game that follows after the sequence 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4. This includes both the Two Knights Defense (3. ...Nf6) and the Giuoco Piano (3. ...Bc4). 'Italian Game' is more accurate than Giuoco Piano, since this lite... Czytaj więcej »