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  • 5 miesięcy temu


    thank you very much, your video series are very interesting and I like to 

     learn from themCool

  • 11 miesięcy temu


    I know 1st and 3rd game of positional strangulation.

  • 2 lat temu


    After the critical move Ne4, couldn't black play f5? The knight moves and black follows up with c5 freeing his position. 

  • 2 lat temu


    I immediately thought that Nxd5 was the answer to Black's b5, and I was wondering why it wasn't discussed in the video. I tested by plugging into my engine (Critter), and it's clearly favored over Be2. Looking on the Fritz "cloud," I now see that it's also already been evaluated as best by Houdini and Fritz 13. White gets a clear pawn without giving up anything.

  • 2 lat temu


    Wonderful video series! I am pausing and thinking hard over each critial moment.

    Question for FM Elliot and other chess lovers: the combination/tactic on 25:40 (Bd3) and a few subsequent combinations were too hard for me (a ~1450 level player). I practice tactics on, Shredder almost daily. But these in the video seem harder. Do you recommend any app, program, or book (in that other) to improve my tactics further?

  • 2 lat temu


    Very fine video. Wonderfully instructive and thorough. Now, if I could only play as logically as that. So say we all!

  • 2 lat temu


    Great video, thank u and please keep em coming....

  • 2 lat temu



  • 2 lat temu


    I dont think that the proposed checkmate sequence at the end (about 41:30) is a forced mate in 3... after Qg7+ Ke7 Rxe6+ what if black retreats with Kd8?

    The game is pretty much over anyway, because the queen falls with Rxe8, follwed by a couple checks which win the b4-pawn.. but its not quite "mate in 3" as was suggested. or am i missing something?

  • 2 lat temu



  • 2 lat temu


    Great video! Great series!

  • 2 lat temu


    I love these vids, they helped me sooooo much

  • 2 lat temu


    Great vid!

  • 2 lat temu


    Good Good Good

  • 2 lat temu


    After black's b5, it seemed tempting to try Nxd5 when white can win a pawn. Does black have too much counterplay in this line?

  • 2 lat temu


    Great video!  Even though it is long by standards, I really appreciate the detailed and cogent analysis.

  • 2 lat temu


    Clear-cut instruction and good analysis.Thanks

  • 2 lat temu


    Great video, an interesting and instructive game clearly explained in plain simple English, no foreign accents, no phony  accents, no jive.

  • 2 lat temu


    Thanks Elliot - very helpful!

  • 2 lat temu


    Great Elliott

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