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    In Fine-Keres AVRO 1938 Keres played 41...Bd6 42.Kc2 Bh2 (not 41...Be7 followed by ...Bf6) and Fine resigned after Keres' 57th move. This is the score from "GM of Chess: The Complete Games of Paul Keres - The Early Years" (vol 1) game #26.

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    I've only just got round to watching this and this is an amazing display of chess natural talent! Paul Keres -  'active' positional player, great!! Cool

    @23:30 the position on the board is definitely something of beauty - all of white's army poised at the black king; raking bishops, a strong knight and queen, then Rf1!! Money Mouth

    I enjoyed your analysis Roman and I think you've hit the nail on the head with these computer evalutions... there's a +/- score etc and maybe being a pawn for the exchange up is winning, but PRACTICAL WINNING CHANCES are when there are more pieces on the board, so much more fun too! Ace video!

  • 14 miesięcy temu


    Also, just to throw it out there, you can also use a remote desktop app.  This will let you connect to another computer that can play the videos properly.

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    Are you using an ipad one/earlier version iphone?  It doesn't support the video profile chess.com encoded this video in (High Profile 3.1).  The video works on my ipad 2/iphone 4s fine but I have had issues before with their videos...

    You should get the app, its pretty good and handles videos.

    If any of the devs are reading this, you really should use multiple encodings...


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    i havent been able to view this on my iphone either! i called support and they said they dont support it anymore.  that is crap.  im a platinum member and enjoyed watching vids while in bed or sitting comfortably away from pc...now i cannot do that anymore.  they dont even claim to try to fix it or go back.  i guess they dont care it makes no sense for these videos not to work on the largest selling personal device....

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    of the last 3 videos released, only one of them plays on my ipad and iphone.  This one does not play.  Can someone tell me why?

  • 14 miesięcy temu


    Was Paul Keres a drinking buddy like Leonid Stein? We will never know.

  • 14 miesięcy temu


    Another real Gem here!  Love this series!!! Triple exclam!  Paul Keres stood up like Korchnoi later in the 70's when he could have easily ended up in a Gulag or worse.  All he wanted was freedom to play outside the confines of the Soviet system.

  • 14 miesięcy temu


    Extremely informative!  Thank you Grandmaster Dzindzichashvili.

  • 14 miesięcy temu


    You spoke about iniative and how players years ago did not understand it. But wasn't the purpose of many of the sacrifices made by Paul Morphy for the purpose of gaining the iniative?

  • 14 miesięcy temu


    Keres brilliancy beautifully displayed.  Thank you. I find it fascinating how much politics can cast its shadow over talent.  The Soviet school would have shinned even brighter had ideology not smothered genius. Keep up your fine work and education of this generation

  • 14 miesięcy temu


    @johnpeter101: I think you're right that Nf4+ is the real reason he can't take the bishop. After b2, maybe black could sac the rook Rxb2 then grab the f5 pawn and try to hold the draw with equal material (but black does have the outside passer)

  • 14 miesięcy temu


    Thank you very much for these woderful games and for the insightful remarks about Paul Keres.

  • 14 miesięcy temu


    i was wondering why at 8:01, when either the knight takes the bishop, why not make a fork at f4?

  • 14 miesięcy temu



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