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    this vas good

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    thanks much!

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    Thanks for the video.

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    ufff, after that i don´t know if i will dare to play Two Kinghts Defense against Italian Game Yell

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    Because as he said it holds the position together and its very hard for black to get fast pressure. i know for master it doesnt make a big difference, but for me it makes the game easy. 

    You should ask why queen f3 is bad and not why d3 is supposed to be good.

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    I'm following everything up until the rook bishop exchange. I just don't understand why on D3. I just don't understand the logic there.

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    i also like bishop d3 best.

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    I'm with Igbarn here, great video nicely deleivered and entertaining, but DEFINITELY reminds me of why I don't play 1.e4 myself, 1.d4 all-the-way

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    I have a copy of that paper on the Two Knights if anyone is interested. Also, Jon Edwards is championing 9.O-O as good for White in the Two Knights Fried Liver (he had a Chess Life article earlier) and now Houdini 3 thinks 9.Bb3 is also good in the Fried Liver. All the more reason to avoid the common "beginner mistake" 5...Nxd5

    by danheisman


    -posted in Notes at the Dan Heisman Learning Center group here at chess.com, after i mentioned the Chess Life July 2010 being an addendum this video (my post also in the Notes area). Take notice that Dan reads what is on this group's pages and responds! One of two very good reasons why this group is excellent, the other reason being this group's focus on standard time control games being beneficial to chess growth, something that appeals to me. This was not a "shameless" plug for DHLC b/c i cannot express enough how useful this group can be to someone who is serious about chess growth, i in fact have been a member for a few months now and have not even used this group's excellent features yet (i.e. organizing slow time control tourneys, dialog with Dan himself at times [the man is busy! but will take time out from his schedule to respond], good articles and blogs, monthly newsletters).

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    According to Chess Life July 2010 pgs.32-33 the Two Knights Defense: 5...Nxd5 [shown in this video at 05:38] has been vindicated! In a previous comment i had erroneously (but with a caveat) ascribed this article to Silman, but researching back issues and finding it again, was pleasantly surprised to find it was written by none other than Dan Heisman, a participant of this site's TV channel (awesome article Dan, I have been re-reading this one for years).

    1.e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Nf6 4. Ng5 d5 5. exd5 Nxd5 was thoroughly researched in this article by Mr. Heisman, sending "some of this analysis to both New In Chess [NIC Yearbook 94] and, for confirmation's sake, GM Larry Kaufman"(Chess Life July 2010 pg.33). To make this comment short, I will not post the variations at this moment, I only mention this article for the curious. To sum up some of the points, the fried liver 6. Nxf7 is given two main lines where black may find compensation. But more to the point, the oft suggested improvement the lolli 6. d4, is shown by Mr. Heisman with confirmation from GM Kaufman and help from chess engine Komodo, that after 6. d4 Komodo shows no theoretical White advantage against the best Black defenses! Amazing article! Hope this satiates some of the curious that can't help but gobble up these long variations. With the excellent video here from GM Kaidanov, which I consider the main lines (no one I know of at master levels is playing the crazy 5...Nxd5 yet), the modern theory on these lines and variations is getting more robust, and the most amazing aspect of it all is that we are still learning here! Anyone who thinks computers have ruined something in chess by taking some of the mystery out, only need to look at these lines and realize there is still a wonderment and awe at the complexities of chess that humans and comps are seeing for the first time.

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    CHIGORIN COUNTERATTACK is the name in Russia

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    This got me thinking a lot about playing two knights defend. Bd3 looks extremely tricky. However, after doing some research, I think missing in the video is black's 8. ... Nd5 9. Nf3 Bd6 10. 0-0 Nf4. This seems rather fine for black, according to my databases. Anyway, thanks for pointing Bd3 out as an alternative!!

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    GM Kaidanov has such a lovely manner; makes his vids a real pleasure to watch and listen to.

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    have  fun

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    re-watching the beginning of the vid reminds me that the point of the article (see my last comment if u don't know what i am talking about) was black can play Nxd5, the variations are long but i remember some surpising moves with the black king that acutally gives it a safe square in the end (perhaps a timely c6, i can't remeber and will be searching soon for this article)

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    anyone remember the short article in chess life where silman (i believe) reviewed the fried-liver and lolli with the idea of reviving the 2 N defence for black (b/c it stated something like the fried-liver is not as bad as once thought)? before i search through my back issues perhaps some one can give me a quick answer which issue this was?

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