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  • 4 miesięcy temu


    after knight b4

    bishop b3

  • 4 miesięcy temu


    perfect, fried liver attack under control ;)

  • 13 miesięcy temu


    Jamalov Kierkegaard

    yes Na5 is better and the main line however it is a gambit which must sacrifice a pawn after Bb5+ 

  • 14 miesięcy temu


    go lolli

  • 15 miesięcy temu


    What about pawn h6 for black instead of Knight f6?

  • 15 miesięcy temu


    Thank you! Thank you! I have seen many videos on the Fried Liver Attack, including GM Boris Alterman's very long video series, and I must say, you have brought a fresh perspective, with new ideas and concepts that I have not heard before in this well known opening! That's saying a lot about your great teaching, I hope. Very cool. Keep up the great work, and please make more of these types of videos for beginners. You made my day! Smile

  • 15 miesięcy temu


    @lavonjohn there are two parts so its probably in the first one ^^

  • 15 miesięcy temu


    Where is Lolli ?

  • 15 miesięcy temu


    Thanks for the video! I had a fun time analyzing what happens after white plays Kg3 following the bishop sac and ...Ng5+ (13:30 in the video). A lot of interesting tactics there... :-)

  • 15 miesięcy temu


    took his advice and i saced all my pawns for a huge developement :P but its didnt work :( IT turned out, a major pawn storm killed me :P


  • 15 miesięcy temu


    Personal favorite response to Ng5 is ...Bc5!? It freaks everyone out, and works REALLY WELL if you know what you're doing.

  • 15 miesięcy temu


    the joys of chesss!

  • 15 miesięcy temu


    A couple of the newer players at our club are absolutely obsessed with this opening so I'll have to mention your video and also Gregory Kaidonov's videos to them.  Great job!  

  • 15 miesięcy temu


    Even recently, the computer took me apart when I stumbled in such a position. There is a lot here worth remembering!

  • 15 miesięcy temu


    Fun video. However d4 is much stronger than Nxf7. Bobby Fischer played this opening often in his earlier years.

  • 15 miesięcy temu


    great job detailing the lines in this attack!!

  • 15 miesięcy temu


    thank you baby

  • 15 miesięcy temu


    Thank you Valeri so much :)

  • 15 miesięcy temu


    I also think Na5 is the best move and much better than Nxd5.

  • 15 miesięcy temu


    Wouldn't 5... Na5 be better than Nxd5. Not as messy. I never had a problem with 5... Na5 in this sequence (down here at my level any way).

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