Karklins vs. the Russian Game

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  • | 12.07.2013
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John Watson and I are finishing our new book Taming Wild Chess Openings, and 
I will be posting some of our analysis, starting with this offbeat way of handling the Russian Game with 4.Nd3!? This is not a scary line but it can catch Black by surprise. It was developed by  Midwest Master Andrew Karklins. 


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    I feel like there's nothing good for white there. Do you see that position as a game is worth to play as white? Or are we just trying to justify a novelty?

  • 3 lat temu


    c'mon that is mate in 15.

  • 3 lat temu


    Cool opening, immeadiately after I read this article yesterday, I played somebody and we happened to go right into this. Always useful to study!

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    cxd3 is more accurate; then Black is well developed and White's extra pawn is isolated and doubled

  • 3 lat temu


    why not 14. cxd3? Undoublesw the pawns

  • 3 lat temu


    seriously? after 9...d5 surely black is better. Black's pieces are simply more active, and white has a hard time developing his pieces.

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