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  • A Circle

    Someone asked me to post a picture of this a king time ago as she said in one of her blogs. I'm sorry it took so long but I've been busy. But now it's here! | Czytaj więcej

  • Answering the Rubinstein Nimzo like Karpov!

    A look at the famous Karpov Variation of the Nimzo-Indian! | Czytaj więcej

  • Stavanger 2016 - Carlsen Wins!

    The final 3 rounds saw some incredible games (not meant in a positive way!) and even Topalov played 1 e4 against Kramnik after 11 years! A few words on the blitz show in St. Louis where another player stole the show after being inactive for 11 ye... | Czytaj więcej

  • 12 Points Away From 1500 Blitz

    Hello everyone I am 12 points away from 1500 blitz and I have not lost in about 7 games, and my best 12 games winning streak. So, I am so close | Czytaj więcej

    • BeltoGM
    • | 29.04.2016
    • | 119 odsłon
    • | 0 komentarzy
  • When Johnny Comes Marching Home

      | Czytaj więcej

    • unu
    • | 29.04.2016
    • | 137 odsłon
    • | 3 komentarzy
  • Bishop Dominates Knight in the Endgame

    I have recently posted a game where the knight dominated the bishop in the endgame. This was a game I played for a chess9030 tournament on the Internet Chess Club. I didn't feel that I played very well in the opening, but I was able to use my lea... | Czytaj więcej

  • آرایشگر و خدا

    مردی برای اصلاح سر و صورتش به آرایشگاه رفت. در بین کار گفت و گوی جالبی بین آنها در گرفت. آنها در مورد مطالب مختلفی صحبت کردند. وقتی به موضو... | Czytaj więcej

  • تو ای پری کجایی؟

      تو ای پری کجایی یا سرگشته ترانه مشهور و ماندگاری است با شعر هوشنگ ابتهاج و آهنگ‌سازی همایون خرم در دستگاه همایون. نخستین بار با صد... | Czytaj więcej

  • Elephants Rampant

    ECO C40: QP counter-gambit (elephant gambit). Black's pawns stampede forward! | Czytaj więcej

  • Principles of Attack, Part 2

    In my last blog post, we covered the when part of attack. The second section of attack is the how. There are two ways to play chess. A position may call for static play, for a slow strategic buildup in a superior strategic position. The tension a... | Czytaj więcej

  • Tactic 01

    | Czytaj więcej

    • DAlbanesi
    • | 29.04.2016
    • | 103 odsłon
    • | 0 komentarzy
  • Calabrese Counter Gambit

    | Czytaj więcej

  • Benoni Boomerangs

    Years ago I was a local amateur Modern Benoni specialist. I read all books and magazines about it I could get, and analysing positions with a fellow chessclub member. My Benoni hero at that time was IM (later GM) David Norwood. I had a little boo... | Czytaj więcej

    • achja
    • | 29.04.2016
    • | 146 odsłon
    • | 3 komentarzy
  • Lipizanner Knights

    The white knights advance in synchronized steps! | Czytaj więcej

  • How to calculate (6) - Weekly training case study report 3

    There were two days less for training this week and there will be one day less at least the next 6 mondays. I'm playing a local tournament on those days. The first round went well. It was the first time ever I had a good position out of the openin... | Czytaj więcej

    • Klauer
    • | 29.04.2016
    • | 128 odsłon
    • | 0 komentarzy
  • Chess can be funny 5

    What am I going to be when I grow up? If chess pieces would look like these my dad would constantly play chess with me. Everyone admires kings. Retrieved from: | Czytaj więcej

  • Anatoly Karpov Dragon Killer, Game 4

    In this series of videos I will look at the games of Karpov against the Dragon variation of the Sicilian Defense. Karpov’s record in this variation is an impressive 15 Wins, 2 Draws and 0 loses. No other player is history has such a record a... | Czytaj więcej


    Sometimes a chess piece is overloaded by having more than one defensive job to do. The overworked piece can be exploited by capturing one of the pieces it is defending or occupying a square it is defending forcing it to leave its other defensive j... | Czytaj więcej

  • Diagramy - družstva 2015/16

    V uplynulé sezóně soutěží družstev 2015/16 jsem se tradičně dostal do mnoha časovek, z nich pramenilo spousty chyb, zajímavých pozic a diagramů. Ukázky z jedné partie: Diagram 1 Diagram 2 Diagram 3 Diagram 4 | Czytaj więcej

    • CM Vorech
    • | 29.04.2016
    • | 136 odsłon
    • | 0 komentarzy
  • It is far more honourable to fail than to cheat

    “My son starts school today. It is all going to be strange and new to him for a while and I wish you would treat him gently. It is an adventure that might take him across continents. All adventures that probably include wars, tragedy and sorrow.... | Czytaj więcej

  • My game analysis: Game 3 ( A painfully instructive one)

    This game was a friendly game between me and my friend, not the best from my side, neither from his. The game itself was instructive, so was the post game analysis | Czytaj więcej

    • Shifat
    • | 29.04.2016
    • | 154 odsłon
    • | 0 komentarzy
  • kn

    | Czytaj więcej

    • Tactisch
    • | 29.04.2016
    • | 126 odsłon
    • | 0 komentarzy
  • Slowly, but surely grinding to 1500 Blitz

    Hello and here is another of my road to 1500blogs. I am currently at 1452, my highest ever was 1525 or something but that was my first few games then I lost few and I was back down to like 1080 or something like that but now I'm nearly getting bac... | Czytaj więcej

    • BeltoGM
    • | 29.04.2016
    • | 135 odsłon
    • | 0 komentarzy
  • Playing on both wings

    While attacking on the queenside, I suddenly noticed that attacking on the kingside was ... also beneficial to the higher cause ! The game was finished with a surprising queen sacrifice to give checkmate. | Czytaj więcej

    • achja
    • | 28.04.2016
    • | 185 odsłon
    • | 4 komentarzy
  • A great Sicilian Taimanov

    Hello all, I played this game earlier this evening and I found it to be interesting. Lots of tactics, which is rare for my games. Hope you enjoy.  | Czytaj więcej

    • boardkeeper
    • | 28.04.2016
    • | 144 odsłon
    • | 0 komentarzy