How to Master the Endgame

After we have covered a great deal of middlegame concepts, I found it appropriate for me to take some time to discuss the final stage of the ancient game, namely the endgame. The endgame for many players is an unclear notion, as they often do not know when it starts, how one’s strategy should change, or how to play it in general. One of the most widespread misconceptions about the endgame is that it is often confused with the ending, which typically involves fewer pieces and often has a theoretical solution or known method to be played correctly. However, the endgame is not just the ending and it actually starts with the exchange of the queens. That being said, the endgame stage starts much earlier than some may have taught before and thus it has much more position variety and strategies to be learned. Nevertheless, one thing is certain, the endgame strategy is much different than the middlegame’s and for this reason, I decided to devote my today’s blog to mastering the endgame. In my lecture below, I discuss the three most important elements one should look for while evaluating an endgame position. I have also commented on them within the context of a real game played between two masters that was decided after a careful play by one of them in the endgame. I hope you enjoy my lecture and improve your endgame after applying these revolutionary principles.


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    Great lecture. Thank you.

  • 9 miesięcy temu


    Too good....

  • 4 lat temu


    Great video on end games!

  • 5 lat temu


    very nice game, thanks!

  • 5 lat temu


    A very good lecture. (BTW, I used to take online lessons with you Laughing)

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    Great example, and well explained.  Thank you very much.


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    wow haven't watched it yet one 12 minute video to master the entire endgame! can't wait!

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    Great video.  I would also like to know what game you are referencing.  Just subscribed to your youtube channel, btw.  Thanks for taking the time.

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    Awesome ending, who played it?

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    Wow, who knew that double pawns could be so powerful? That was a beautiful endgame.

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    great video. thank you

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    Very useful video, learned a lot.

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    Very nice move, indeed. I saw it after 30 seconds of thought. Smile

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    Excellent lecture on endgame.  This better falls into the category of endgame tactics.  But the positional elements are clear:  activity of the pieces, pawn structure, and passed pawns. 


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    Really beautiful move indeed.I agree with previous member, far beyond my imagination.I would play Bd8 in given position.

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    Thanks for that illuminating example showing how being really creative can lead to a very constructive and advantageous sequence of moves.  Reflecting on this initial set up, I would not have come up with this attack in a hundred years!  Guess that is difference between a beginner and a World Champion.  It provides me with further incentive to really evaluate each and every position I find myself in...  Excellent lesson, and I thank you!

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