Duchamp's Riddle

  • Twobit
  • | 04.09.2010 at 13:48
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I was reading an article about Duchamp and he left this position behind (supposedly unsolvable or, a draw at most), also listed in the book of Beliavsky and Mikhalchishin "Winning Endgame Technique" 1995, Batsford. Is it really draw? What do you think?


  • 6 lat temu


    It looks like a draw but I have seen it suggested that Duchamp - as a nuance in his artwork - was thinking of the position as upside down, with the black pawns being on c3 and a4 . . .


    If this were so, would the result be obvious?

  • 6 lat temu


    If it were against me it wouldn't be a draw! I'd get beat. LOL

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