Singularity Chess

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    C'est vraiment déjà assez compliqué comme cela ,en combinatoires, pour ne pas en rajouter davantage, ne crois tu pas ,? Cependant ceci a le mérite de changer les idées, pourquoi pas sur une sphère tant qu'il y sont ou bien en pyramides....
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    Now that you mention it, I've seen a few spherical chess sets.

    May favorite would have to be the three player version where each player has two full sets of pieces on a massive wrap-around circular board. One set on the inner side and one set on the outer side of the circle.

    Since it's three player that means two players can gang up and or block for each other.

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    WAY COOL! Chess for astrophysicists!
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    I'm afraid these new variations catch on and I'll have to get my less-than-mobile-mind to adapt...

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    Too complicated for my simple mind! Embarassed
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    This looks so cool, I need to buy the set and play, going to have a lot of fun.

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    This could be featured in a good campaign:


    On the left the photo of a real chessboard. On the right the photo of that thing.

    The caption: don't do drugs, kids.

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    I would like to play !

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