Carlsen Breaks Chess Rating Record!

  • SonofPearl
  • on 04.12.2012, 14:16.

London Chess Classic 2012 logo.jpgWhen Magnus Carlsen won his fourth round game against Gawain Jones in the London Chess Classic today, he not only took the sole lead in the tournament - he also achieved the highest ever 'live' Elo rating.

It was a fighting display by the 2012 British Champion, but Magnus Carlsen was just too good and his live rating is now an incredible 2857.4 Elo.

The next game to finish was the encounter between Vishy Anand and Vladimir Kramnik.  Unfortunately, the position became completely blocked by pawn chains and the players agreed a draw once they reached the first time control.

If anyone find's the world champion's mojo, can they send it back c/o the London Chess Classic? Wink

Hikaru Nakamura's game with Mickey Adams was considerably more interesting, but the end result was also a draw.

The last game to finish was a crazy battle between Luke McShane and Lev Aronian. The game was amazing: four connected passed pawns for white, followed by two black Queens on the board, then underpromotion to a knight, before McShane was checkmated on move 76.  Now that's entertainment!

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the tournament's only rest day, so round five is on Thursday.

The Sicilian eh?  Gawain Jones goes down fighting against Magnus Carlsen!

London Chess Classic 2012 Round 4 Magnus Carlsen Gawain Jones.jpg



Vishy Anand and Vladimir Kramnik cancelled each other out

London Chess Classic 2012 Round 4 Vishy Anand Vladimir Kramnik.jpg


Hikaru Nakamura and Mickey Adams played down to bare Kings

London Chess Classic 2012 Round 4 Hikaru Nakamura Miskey Adams.jpg



Luke Mcshane and Lev Aronian had an amazing game

London Chess Classic 2012 Round 4 Luke McShane Lev Aronian.jpg



The standings after 4 rounds (3-1-0 scoring)

Name Fed Elo Gms Pts
Carlsen, Magnus NOR 2848 4 10
Kramnik, Vladimir RUS 2795 4 8
Adams, Michael ENG 2710 3 7
Nakamura, Hikaru USA 2760 4 5
Aronian, Levon ARM 2815 4 4
Anand, Viswanathan IND 2775 3 3
Jones, Gawain C B ENG 2644 4 2
McShane, Luke ENG 2713 3 1
Polgar, Judit HUN 2705 3 1


The 2012 London Chess Classic runs from 1-10 December , with one rest day on the 5th December. Games start at 14:00 GMT, except round four (16:00), and the final round (12:00).

The time control is 2 hours for 40 moves, then 1 hour for 20 moves, then 30 minutes to finish.  The 'Bilbao' style 3-1-0 scoring system is being used.

In the event of tied scores at the end of the competition, tie breaks are 1) # of wins 2) # of wins with black, 3) head-to-head result. If these mathematical tiebreakers are not enough, then there will be rapid tie-break games and if needed, a final sudden death game.

More information on all the London Chess Classic events is at the official website, including live games and video commentary.

Photos by Ray Morris-Hill.  Games via TWIC.

2012 London Chess Classic pairings shrink to fit.jpg


Another packed auditorium at the London Chess Classic today!

London Chess Classic 2012 Round 4 auditorium 2.jpg

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  • 10 miesięcy temu


    magnus carlsen is great

  • 3 lat temu


    why the hell would gawain give up his Queen for a bishop and a knight?  Or, at least thats how it appears.....?? don't get it.....


    @kas     Magnus got draw with Kasparov, when he was 13.....  I wonder if he has gotten any    Magnus is probably the greatest chess talent ever.   If he had the drive of Fischer, no one would ever beat him... ever..

  • 4 lat temu


    anand is great

  • 4 lat temu


    kas that is ur opinion. kasparov would not get anything out of carlsen right now

  • 4 lat temu


    carlsen magnus good player but history best player garry kasprov.

  • 4 lat temu


    amazing carlsen!!!


    I thought GM kasparov's (living legend) 2851 can't break in 2020

  • 4 lat temu


    carlsen is the new capablanca. nothing to be with fischer

  • 4 lat temu


    all the best anand 

  • 4 lat temu


    Ray14Chess I think 29 ... Kg7 30. Ne4 would leave WHITE with a decisive advantage and I can't seem to find any reason why black would have the advantage in that position. It is obviously tricky for white to play, but Magnus is not the kind of guy to be overwhelmed easily.

  • 4 lat temu


    Great job Magnus!

  • 4 lat temu



  • 4 lat temu


    Is Carlsen the new Fischer?

  • 4 lat temu


    good games

  • 4 lat temu


    @ mattoscarson  Magnus was 22 on 30th November. It's scary to think that he's almost certainly still improving and not even at his best yet! Cool

  • 4 lat temu


    Destroyer8 what are you talking about. I am talking if Carlsen wants to break the record thats what he would need to do. The December Fide list is published soon so how stupid Would Carlsen be to play a few games till its publishd and risk losing this amazing record.

  • 4 lat temu


    records exist just to be broken, it doesnt matter how long it takes. Its just a matter of time to witness carlsen to become a world champion because his simply the best period. 

  • 4 lat temu


    4.Qxd4 good choice by carlsen, he tries to go out of book early. i wish someday he will play 4.c3 

  • 4 lat temu


    and just think, he's only 21?

  • 4 lat temu


    Jones made a brave try with the queen sac but Magnus is top dog in a fight.

  • 4 lat temu


    ey val

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