Holt Takes 4th Blitz "Death Match"

  • IM DanielRensch
  • on 30.04.2012, 11:23.

This weekend Chess.com hosted its fourth Blitz Death Match. The two participants -- IM Eric Hansen and GM-Elect Conrad Holt -- earned their way into the match via a long qualification process that required them to play hundreds of blitz and/or bullet games on our Live Server. You can read more about this process at IM David Pruess's blog here!

The match was close throughout, with the slight favorite on paper pulling through in the end. After the first segment of 5 minutes with 1 second increment, the match was tied 4-4. Conrad managed to squeeze a two game lead (5.5-3.5) out of the 3 minutes with 1 second increment time control, and he repeated that performace in the bullet segment of 1 minute with a 1 second increment to win the match by four games total, 15 to 11. 

IM Eric Hansen, reigning Canadian Champion, currently attends the University of Texas at Dallas with his opponent, along with teammate (and opponent for the Death Match) Conrad Holt.

Here are some of the more interesting games from the match (one from each time control). 

Conrad's first win of the match came as black in game 1 of the 5 minute time control:

Eric won a nice game in the 3 minute time control here:

With the final "clincher" game of the match being:

You can check out our Chess.com/TV Coverage by going here and clicking the "videos" tab on the upper right!

Congrats one more time to our winner, GM-Elect Conrad Holt!

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  • 5 lat temu

    IM dpruess

    you can find it here: livestream.com/chesscomlive

  • 5 lat temu


    I don't find the video on chess.com TV.

  • 5 lat temu

    IM dpruess

    there were two draws, and yes, that 50 move r+b v r was awesome!!

  • 5 lat temu


    This might have been the best match yet.  The game I really enjoyed watching maybe the most was the first draw (not sure if there was more than one draw) but they drew with I think a rook v bishop ending on the 50 move rule.

  • 5 lat temu

    IM dpruess

    Gabriel_Lima there was a massive banner on chess.com for a full two days in advance of the match. it was also announced in our news section and in my blog. it was also on the chess.com/tv schedule (below the video viewer) for a month. you just need to know where to look. one option is to follow my activity, since i announce every death match; another is to go to chess.com/tv and check for upcoming events in the schedule. hope that works out for you next time.

  • 5 lat temu


    Very entertaining stuff.

    If you could sort out the audio syncing, it would add to the enjoyment even more.

  • 5 lat temu


    i didnt know they were the elected players nor the date of the match even tho i checked chess.com every day. you guys should advertise the upcoming deathmatches more. goddamn im pissed i missed this

  • 5 lat temu


    Aside from the technical issues during the match... it was awesome.

    Congrats to Holt for winning this. Looking forward for next DeathMatch Smile

  • 5 lat temu


    This one had a lot of technical issues

  • 5 lat temu


    These deathmatches are intense. Always amazing to see the level of play at such high speeds. Thanks Chess.com for setting these up and to the competitors for playing in this public forum.

  • 5 lat temu


    These two guys did not disappoint! Hard fought games throughout, full of clever high-speed tactics and parries. The commentary just gets better with each Death Match.

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