Kramnik Wins Bilbao 2010

  • SonofPearl
  • on 15.10.2010, 12:28.

Vladimir Kramnik comfortably achieved a draw with the black pieces in the final round against Shirov which was enough to finish as the sole winner of the Bilbao Final Masters 2010.

Only Anand could catch Kramnik, but he needed to beat Carlsen to force a tie-break playoff with the Russian.

Despite having white, Anand's opening was not a success and it was Carlsen who had the best chances in the middle-game as the world champion was forced onto the backfoot.

The pendulum swung once again to give Anand the upper hand in the endgame, but it was not enough to win and a draw by repetition concluded an exciting tournament.

So Vladimir Kramnik took first place in Bilbao, which judging by the Elo ratings of the participants was the strongest tournament in chess history.

Magnus Carlsen was below par in Bilbao, but the quality of the opposition could not have been tougher.  On the live rating list, Anand has achieved his aim of reclaiming the #1 spot to go with his world title.

Congratulations to all the players on the fighting chess displayed throughout the event!

The final standings:

 Name Elo W D L Pts
 Kramnik, Vladimir 2780 2 4 0 10
 Anand, Viswanathan 2800 1 5 0 8
 Carlsen, Magnus 2826 1 3 2 6
 Shirov, Alexei 2749 0 4 2 4



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    for me it is still anand! and he will be king of chess for the next ten years!!!!!!!!!! i know many will oppose me. but there is something in anand that nobody has. and it is a SECRET! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 4 STRONGEST PLAYERS OF THE WORLD! GOOD DAY TO ALL OF US.....

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    kramnik is back to the party

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    To Mr Asura-Path

    Magnus Carlsen is not arrogant at all. He is respectfull and cautious youngster of which you Mr Asura-Path could ONLY dream of what he has achieved at the age of 18yrs. If the way magnificent Magnus carry him self is seen arrogance in your part of the world; well then that is something you guys have to work on. I say to Magnus good luck next time and take it easyCool

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    to me i just wish kasparov was around. all this saga wouldent have happened.

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    Tough tournament. Good job  Vlad.

    Looking forward to Nanjing.what an incredible line up


    Go Magnus!!!

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    congrats 4 all gm's.... This tournament proves that carlsen plays games with less rated players and plays only 4 pts.... If he had combat with anand, kramnik as usual then his elo would be 0

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    Congratz 4 all GM!

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    these guys are tooooo freakin good!!!!!!!!!! makes me wanna give up sometimes :(

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    Gotta feel bad for Anand on that one. He got a win or a draw in every game of the match, no losses. Yet he still lost the tournement.

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    Congratulations to all participants of Bilbao Tournaments. Keep on pushing guys!!!
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    superGM can easily make draw: if ther is kasparov great legend in chess, ther is legend michael jordan in NBA, if ther is vishy anand defending champ, thers kobe bryant defending champ, if ther is magnus carlsen, young and always high ratings thers, lebron james always high rating but both of two had not yet championship ring. kramnik is like divac. its fun, but the defirence in this two sports in basketball if you getting old you become weak u cant play long but in chess u make stronger wen u getting old. so we transper now in chess, u can play everywere even in ur bed, so play chess now.

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    "arrogance makes people less persistent or good"

    I was not aware that Magnus is arrogant. I did not hear him saing that HE IS THE BEST. Did he?

  • 6 lat temu


    Kramnik and Magnus are the best!

  • 6 lat temu


    Superb matches

  • 6 lat temu


    thank you man to keep us updated. and after all Kranmink wins.. his game with shirov was great.. he is one of the genous poeple..

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    way to go Kramnik! A well earned victory!

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    mishanp-  I enjoyed the commentry of GM Shipov and the game of Anand-Carlsen. Thank you.

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