Old Hands Defeat Snowdrops

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vlastimil hort.jpgThe fourth annual "Snowdrops versus Old Hands" tournament was won by the Old Hands by a convincing margin of 21-11.

The tournament was organised by the Prague Chess Society with sponsors Czech Coal and pitted a team of veteran chess players (the Old Hands) against a team of young women players (the Snowdrops).

The venue was the spa town of Mariánské Lázně in the Czech Republic, and a previous half-way report in the event can be found here.

Each team consisted of four players and the format was a double Scheveningen (each team member plays each player on the other team twice). The time control was 90 minutes for 40 moves, and then 30 minutes to finish with a 30 second increment from the start.

The Old Hands team were Vlastimil Hort (pictured), Boris Gulko, Robert Hübner and Rafael Vaganian.

The Snowdrops team were Maria Muzychuk, Natalia Pogonina, Tania Sachdev and Eva Kulovana.

The final results table:

Snowdrops  O1  O2  O3  O4  O1  O2  O3  O4  11
S1  Pogonina Natalia  ½  ½  ½  ½  ½  0 0 ½  3
S2  Sachdev Tania  0 ½  ½  ½  0 ½  0 ½ 
S3  Muzychuk Maria  ½  1 ½  ½  ½  ½  1 ½  5
S4  Kulovaná Eva  0 0 ½  0 0 0 0 0 ½

Old Hands  S1   S2   S3   S4   S1   S2   S3   S4   21
O1  Hübner Robert  ½  1 ½  1 ½  1 ½  1 6
O2  Gulko Boris  1 ½  ½  1 ½  ½  0 1 5
O3  Vaganian Rafael  1 1 0 1 ½  ½  ½  ½  5
O4  Hort Vlastimil  ½  ½  ½  1 ½  ½  ½  1 5


The top individual scorer and former world #3, GM Robert Hübner




The best performing snowdrop, IM Maria Muzychuk

Maria_Muzychuk snowdrops 2011 top scorer.jpg



WGM Natalia Pogonina scored a creditable 3 points

Natalia Pogonina_snowdrops2011 -3.jpg



GM Boris Gulko has a lifetime plus score against Garry Kasparov!




IM Tania Sachdev from India scored 2.5 points

Tania Sachdev_snowdrops2011 - 4.jpg



GM Vlastimil Hort

Vlastimil Hort_oldhands2011-rd6.jpg



GM Rafael Vaganian




WGM Eva Kulovana at the closing ceremony with tournament director Pavel Matocha

Eva_Kulovanova_snowdrops2011-closing ceremony.jpg


Robert Hubner offering his glass snowdrop trophy to Tania Sachdev

Sachdev_hubner_snowdrops2011_closing ceremony.jpg
Photos and games from the official tournament website.

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  • 5 lat temu

    FM Prugno

    Mr fish_food, I have obviously not heard Hubner speak in 10 different languages, so I cannot guarantee for his fluency. I was merely repeating what I had read elsewhere. By the way, I am not sure but perhaps the 10 languages include classical Latin and Greek (his speciality - remember he was trained as a papyrologist) which are no longer spoken, so the concept of fluency is meaningless thereSmile

    All I can say for sure is that his written English is faultless (as far as I can judge), that his spoken Italian is very rich and idiomatic and that, if you translate a book from Finnish to German, you must have a good knowledge of the former language (which by the way has a very complex and agglutinative syntax and structure).

    But even if my original statement was inaccurate, the aim was simply to praise the achievements of a man whose talents are certainly not limited to chess.

  • 5 lat temu


  • 5 lat temu


    Enjoyed the article, especially the Huebner game. But if play continued:


    which leaves white up a piece, but down two pawns. Is there a mate?
  • 5 lat temu


    wow man they should have called this "Beauty verse the beasts"  Man those ladies are knockouts.  I guess it should give all us guys hope. apparently in the chess world you don't start pulling the hot chicks until you are an old fella

  • 5 lat temu



  • 5 lat temu


    "Nice to see Robert Hubner still playing so well. He is probably the person with the highest IQ I have ever spoken to (he speaks over 10 languages fluently, just to name one of his talents)."

    And you know he is FLUENT in those 10 languages exactly HOW? Are you fluent and so can judge that? Speaking 10 languages is one thing, fluency in 10 languages is an entirely different matter. I doubt he is fluent in all 10.

  • 5 lat temu


    IM Sachdev is absolutely gorgeousTongue out

  • 5 lat temu


    Qxh5 is wins, or is up a knight.
  • 5 lat temu


    Geezers rule!

  • 5 lat temu


    @ _valentin_

    Re: Did Maria Muzychuk earn a GM norm with her +2 score against all-GM opposition?

    Unless someone knows different ..


    "1.4 The GM, IM, WGM, WIM titles can also be gained by achieving norms in internationally rated tournaments played according to the following regulations.

    1.41 The number of games

    1.41a The player must play at least 9 games, however

    1.41b Only 7 games are required for 7 round Continental and World Team Championships.

    Only 7 games are required for 8 or 9 round Continental and World Team 


    Only 8 games are required for World Cup or Women World Championship. For the World Cup 

    and Women’s World Championship these 8 game norms count as if 9 games."

  • 5 lat temu


    Aren't the top 4 rated players in this match the "old hands"?Undecided

  • 5 lat temu


    Good games!

    I very sorry to see that Pavel got his hair stuck in an escalator.

  • 5 lat temu


    I didnt know woman who play chess could be good looking :o

  • 5 lat temu


    Did Maria Muzychuk earn a GM norm with her +2 score against all-GM opposition?

  • 5 lat temu


    Goodness me, we just got back from Prague, and never heard about this event.

    Its just as well it was not in Prague, as I have never seen so many tourists in one place in my life, it was packed.

    Hubner is indeed a very intelligent man, and when I lived in South Africa stayed with Helmut Leicher (who is a strong player) and beat him every time, without conceeding even a draw.

  • 5 lat temu


    S.Tania is a model

  • 5 lat temu


    It's nice to see the old geezers can still play very good chess! I always admired all these Old Hands and of course their opponents are also worthy opponents.

  • 5 lat temu


    These female chess players look like models to me.

  • 5 lat temu


    Pavel Matocha 

    Has a rare haircut. Perhaps it was too much psychological pressure.

  • 5 lat temu


    Qxh5 is an amazing move!

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