Scotch Gra: Variation Potter

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    I just finished a game with this opening.

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    I've never had the chance to play this before, but I think this is a great opening. After Bb6, which is the most likely move, I would play Be3. The opponent is going to loose his bishop and, is the bishops exchange, you will have an semi-open F file for your rook when you castle. You could then put your knight back on d4, and if the knights exchange, you've got a pawn on e4, and a pawn on d4.

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    ohh god that percentage means nothing at all

    there are some moves that shows 100 percent white wins in the 4 5th move in the game .the percantage shows the results of the DATABASE games which made this move ,it doesnt mean its the best move because for example there a only 2 games in which this move was made  and in both black lost becasue white played better in OTHER stages of game not only on that move !

  • 7 lat temu


    White moved its knight a lot of times!

  • 7 lat temu


    I am new to chess. Dumb question:  Why is this called Scotch Game instead of Scotch Opening?  And who (white or black) is playing the Scotch Game here?

    Also, I am guessing:  When it's an "opening" you watch white, and when it's a "defense" you watch black?

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    Not really if white is losing 38%+ of the time.

  • 7 lat temu


    I usually play the scotch game whenever possible and I prefer 5. Be3 instead, but this is an interesting option.

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