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    • The Cross Roads at Getting better at the game

      I have a choice whither to start to make chess a big part of my life or focus on other things that I have been neglecting.  I could do a little of both, however, I do not believe I will achieve what I would like to accomplish in chess if I go tha... | Czytaj więcej

      • Daybreak57
      • | 13.10.2016
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    • Rules of Chess Ratings

      Before I say 'goodbye' because of trouble with purposeful faulty internet connections while playing here on, I wish to comment on the current Rules of Chess Ratings. Pertaining to how chess ratings are currently calculated, it is very d... | Czytaj więcej

      • DrIrish
      • | 12.10.2016
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    • Grandmaster Play on this Site

      Pertaining to Grandmaster Play on this Site, why is it that most if not all Chess Grandmasters only play Blitz or Bullet Chess and not longer more 'Classical' games such as what is offered here, namely Game 45/45? My opinion is that there is so mu... | Czytaj więcej

      • DrIrish
      • | 06.10.2016
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    • My favorite GM draw: FIDE Invitational Round 9

      [Editor's Note: In this blog, Not Master Joseph Truelson presents a very amazing game. He may not have the strength of a GM, but he sure can draw like one! Learn from his notes the best drawing techinques. This extremely instructive game is so in... | Czytaj więcej

    • My Chess Life

      I just wanted to share how my chess play evolved. Well, I started to play chess when I was at primary school (I think first or second grade). Two friends of mine were already going to the "chess circle" (that's how it was called in the former So... | Czytaj więcej

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  • Danish Gambit

    • Przeczytano 16 razy
    • | Przeczytano 16 razy

    The Danish Gambit is an ultra-agressive opening for white. It is not commonly seen in tournament play since lines have been found to blunt it. It is still occasionally seen in amateur play though. In this gambit white sacks 3 pawns for one, hoping... Czytaj więcej »

  • Why you should almost never advance the soldier on f7!

    • Przeczytano 7 razy
    • | Przeczytano 7 razy

    You know in chess, your entire army works as a team!! But sometimes  a piece rebels against the king. They are out to cause trouble! Either that or they made the wrong move at the wrong time! In this case the f7 pawn made the same mistake! Or the... Czytaj więcej »

  • Chess tips

    • Przeczytano 2505 razy
    • | Przeczytano 2505 razy

    You always want to improve your game. Here are 5 simple and easy chess tips. 1 Attack with all your pieces 2 don't bring out your queen too early 3 Take your time 4 Don't play odd moves to confuse the other player unless you are 100 percent su... Czytaj więcej »

  • How to teach your child how to play chess

    • Przeczytano 7 razy
    • | Przeczytano 7 razy

    If you have a child and you want to teach him/her how to play chess first get him/her intrested in the game. If he/she doesn't want to play don't make him/her. (I"ll say her because I'me a girl).  What you want to do is if she decided to play fir... Czytaj więcej »

  • Three-Fold Repitition

    • Przeczytano 3 razy
    • | Przeczytano 3 razy

    One way to draw a game is to manuvuer into a sitiuation where the same EXACT position is repeated three times. This is called THREE-FOLD REPITITION. It usually happens with PERPETUAL CHECK. That means one side keeps checking the other side and nei... Czytaj więcej »