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    at 12:53 after blacks rook takes the f3 pawn, white does not have the resource qe5 because of rook f1+!!. so black would have been winning after qh4!

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    GM dbojkov

    Thanks for these lines, taglit, indeed you have spotted nice tactics with the move Nxd4. After that things are not clear at all, in fact it seems as Black is better- 19...Nxd4 20.cxd4 Qd5 21.Qh3 fxg5,

     thanks again for analyzing the position in depth!

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    Nice game and analysis. Appreciate your explanations. Anyway at 6:10 after R:e6, black doesn't have to take the bishop on g5, he can play N:d4! followed by Qd5 with a rook, bishop and mate on g2 hanging for white.. the situation is quite unclear. And at 14:57 the Kg7 defence is not analysed for black, probably white has more than a compensation for an exchange, but black is not mated.

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    GM dbojkov

    Thanks, Michael for your answer to elindauer's question,

      greets everyone!

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    Thanks, a very entertaining lesson

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    at 17:50, you give e8Q Qe8 Qb7 winning the bishop as good for white, but doesn't black have Qe1+ with a perpetual at the end of this?  As in, Qe1 Kh2 Qe5 Kh3 Qf5 draw...  This seems like a critical position for white to show an advantage.



    Thanks for the entertaining video.

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    Thank you for sharing the interesting game and for the instructive analysis! That was a really nice example of both a kingside attack and keeping the initiative.

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    Excellent video once again.  Very instructive, and in-depth analysis.  Thank you sir.  Best Regards, EddieB ... P.S. love how you showed another opposite colored bishop attack to reinforce the previous lectures.  

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    Thank you sir

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