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    This was truly great.

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    It took a while but I finally got to play against white's early e4. I was able to take down a much stronger player by following Mark's advice with the early central breaks and then maintaining pressure.


    We both made our mistakes of course, but even if he hadn't blundered move 26 (he had Ne2 instead), I still would have been the exchange and two dangerous passed pawns (with the queens off after the trade). Even before white made his first big mistake (23. c5?), the computer gives black close to a 2-point advantage. 

    The early line was interesting, as it deviated from the one in the video (he played 8. Bxe4), but this led to a nice position where white has some pawn weaknesses to play against.  Black's d6 square is weak though (even if he manages to trade off one minor piece that gets there, white could theoretically get the other one there later).  

    Anyway thanks again for the great video.  Would love to see a video on playing against the Tromp (don't think Chess.com has one yet). 

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    fantastic series can we please have some more from IM Mark Ginsburg please?

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    This has been an epic series!! This is great tournament prep for me, and countless others... one of the most well-rounded and detailed series I've seen on here so far! Cool

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    Great series.  I've watched all 3 videos a few times.  Thank you!

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    very good series on Qc2 Nimzo! thank you!

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    IM pfren

    Nice video, congrats.

    I also believe that taking with the pawn and keeping the bishop on the c8-h3 diagonal effectively stops all white's ambition about an attack, and gives black easy equality. That said, most strong players take on d5 with the queen, which should also be good, since white does not gain much by planting a knight on d6.

    By the way, what about Alekseev's messy 9...Nc5 (instead of the natural 9...Nd7)- is there some sort of refutation of it?

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    Im Mark Ginsburg is the best intstructor on chess.com.  He gives a few moves follow up to consider which is very helpful to the student, because your not left guessing what the next move will be.   His commentary is easy to follow, with a nice easy style of talking.  Actually I enjoy all the intructors , for different reasons, but Mark for me is the easiest to follow.

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    I have finally watched all three videos on the Qc2 nimzo.I plan to replace my admittedly flawed Slav ideas with these.Thanks very much.I will let you know how it is going once I've played a few hundred blitz games.Thanks.

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    IM DanielRensch

    Seeing Mark's idea of how black can gain either a repetition or the initiative with the exd5 recapture (instead of what I did against Conrad) is really useful. 

    Thanks buddy!


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